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Old School New Body: How to Get Fit in Less than Ninety Minutes Every Week

It's time to face it: getting older means we become less fitĀ  at the same time that we want to work out less. The thought of going out for a run, or going to the gym to lift weights, doesn't really have the same appeal as it did when we were ten or twenty years younger.

But there is a system, called Old School New Body, that is specifically created for older adults which guarantees success while requiring only 90 minutes of your time every week. That's right, just 90 minutes per week.

This guarantee is made by the authors of the "old School, New Body" fitness plan, Becky and Steve Holman.

This is not, however, the only fitness program making these kinds of claims. So how do you know you can trust this one? I had theĀ  same question a few months ago when I discovered this program. I can say with certainty that it is working for me!

If you don't do any physical exercise, your body is going to shed muscle mass each year. This means that you'll be fatter, heavier, and less fit with each passing year. You'll lose more of your figure and gain more saggy spots.

Is that really what you want? Of course not!

The way too prevent it is through old-school resistance training exercises. But almost no one is doing it correctly. Steve and Becky have created a program for both men and women, called the F4X Training System.

This program combines just four exercises together, and is performed in just a few minutes. These four exercises are all you need. You don't have to endure endless, repetitive cardio sessions. You get a cardiovascular workout without having to spend hours in the gym or on the track.

The F4X Training System, as part of the Old School New Body program is the secret to getting the best body possible for you without having to devote your life to exercise.

Will this program work for you?

The authors of this program have said that this system will not work for you if:

  • You want to spend over an hour every day on your workout
  • You'd rather get in shape by running, cycling, or swimming for hours
  • You aren't ready to put yourself through an intense workout for a brief time every week

Does this all sound good to you? I thought you'd like it. This program does work; I have personal experience of that. But if each time you work out, you then run out for fast food or drink a six-pack with your buddies, you won't get the results you want. You have to use this program is combination with a sensible (though not restrictive) diet if you want to see results in your physical fitness and even reverse some of the effects of aging on your body.

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